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Steps for Fraud or Exploitation Cases

When assessing each situation:

Ask yourself who is exploiting the older adult?

  • Exploitation by the Caregiver, including family members:
    • Contact your local Adult Protective Services or your local law enforcement.
    • For APS Directory, click here
    • For a local directory of law enforcement, click here.
  • Exploitation by Public Fraud and Scams
    • Report to the Ohio Attorney General
    • If you are the victim of a scam and need help, please fill out a consumer complaint form.
    • If you have witnessed a scam please fill out this report a scam form.
    • For more information on the Ohio Attorney General’s Elder Justice Initiative, click here or call 1-800-282-0515

Educate Yourself

  • For Ohio Laws Protecting Consumers, click here
  • Protect Yourself from Fraud – To recognize possible scams, learn to protect yourself and loved ones click here
  • Medicare Fraud costs American taxpayers an estimated $60 billion every year. To help prevent fraud:
    • Treat your Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security numbers like you would a credit card or bank account number – never give them to a stranger.
    • Carry your Medicare or Medicaid card with you only when you need it, such as trips to your doctor’s office, your hospital or clinic and the pharmacy.
    • Record doctor visits, tests and procedures in a journal or on a calendar.
  • If you suspect fraud, address any issues with your provider first. If you are uncomfortable calling your provider or they are unable to address your concerns, take action by …
  • For more information about Medicare Fraud and how you can help stop it, visit