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Are You O.K.? Program/Parma Heights Police Department

6184 Pearl Road
Parma Heights, Ohio 44130
Service Categories: Indepedent Living Services
Serving: Cuyahoga County

The Parma Heights Police Department offers the Are You Ok? Program to check on the health, welfare, and safety of seniors by request. Seniors, shut-ins and disabled persons who reside in the City of Parma Heights are eligible to participate. The program is totally free and confidential. The Are You Okay? program uses a computer that will call you at a time of your choosing every day. Once it hears you answer the phone, it will know that you are okay. Should you have an answering machine or voice mail, the computer will ask you to push a button on your touch-tone phone in order to ascertain that you are okay. If you do not answer the phone or your line is busy, the computer will call you back within a half-hour. If you do not answer the second time, the police dispatcher will be notified and will attempt to call you and your emergency contact relatives or friends to see if they know where you might be. If these attempts are unsuccessful, an officer will be dispatched to your home to check on you. We will also attempt to make contact with your listed key-holder so that we may enter the home to see if you are in distress. If you are interested in the program, please visit the website to complete an application.