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Bexley Public Library

2411 E. Main Street
Bexley, 43209-2498
614- 231-2793
Serving: Franklin County

-Bexley Public Library delivers books on a quarterly basis to three senior living facilities in the Bexley area, and has a relationship with a total of five senior living facilities. -The BPL Adult Services Team is developing programs with themes/speakers that are specifically geared towards seniors, as well as interesting programs and speakers that are open to everyone, but some of the topics primarily attract seniors. Programs include art themes, genealogy, sharing stories/life review and health related topics. -BPL also has an Adult Volunteer Program in which seniors are invited to apply to become an adult volunteer. -BPL's Outreach and Volunteer Associate attends monthly Library Committee meetings at one of the facilities, and the BPL has a large print book display in an apartment in one facility. The apartment is set-up for those who have vision challenges. -The BPL also collaborates with the Bexley Activities Club, a senior group in the Bexley community.

Diane Peterson, Outreach and Volunteer Associate, Bexley Public Library, e-mail or 614-545-6944 or the Bexley Public Library website at