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Domestic Violence Project Inc.

720 19th St NE
Canton, Ohio
24-hour Hotline: 330-453-7233

The agency offers emergency shelters in Canton and Massillon, counseling, support groups, legal advocacy, community prevention education, transitional housing, and resource referrals. Legal Advocacy assists victims with preventive and self-protective measures, including understanding legal rights, filing with the prosecutor's office and the police, and in attending court hearings. Advocates are available to assist victims in the court setting at both shelters and through the 24-hour confidential victim Hotline. Community education and training is available to agencies, organizations, and professionals in Human Resources, Law Enforcement, Clergy, medical professionals and businesses.

To schedule a speaker or training: 330-445-2000 ext. 242 Canton Court Assistance: 330-526-0077 or 330-526-0083 Massillon Court Assistance: 330-830-2596 or 330-830-2596