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Fairhill Partners

12200 Fairhill Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44120
Service Categories: Basic Needs Assistance, Caregiver Support, Hoarding
Serving: Cuyahoga County

Senior Guest House at Fairhill (SGH) is a home for temporarily displaced older adults. Residents are older adults 60+, used to living independently and in urgent need of short term residential placement. Approximately 80% are City of Cleveland residents and almost all are economically disadvantaged. Most Senior Guest House referrals share three characteristics: extreme social isolation √ź lack of functional family/friend social network, lack of system negotiation skills needed to find and secure new housing, need for remedial medical care and an advocate to connect them with resources and benefits. Caregiver services offers weekly workshops, information and falls and managing chronic illness, and connection to social workers who may assist caregivers with ongoing support. A Monthly Activity Guide is available online. The agency also offers peer led activities for seniors, community resource shop, assistance with benefits, health and wellness programs, fall prevention programs, and a computer learning center.

To register for caregiver workshops, support, or individual counseling, please call 216-421-1350, extension 113.