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Fort Defiance Humane Society

7169 State Route 15
Defiance, Ohio 43512
(419) 658-2298
Service Categories: Humane Society/Animal Control
Serving: Defiance County

To Report Suspected Animal Cruelty, Neglect or Abuse

Call: 419-658-2298

Neglect is the failure to provide an animal with the necessities of care such as access to food and freshwater, shelter from the weather (hot or cold), a clean living environment, and/or veterinary care. Intentional cruelty is when an individual purposely inflicts physical harm or injury to an animal.

Information needed: address where the animal is located; description of why you are concerned about the animal; Caller's name and phone number

PAW’s Project: FDHS is one of several agencies participating in a multiple county initiative to protect the animals belonging to victims of domestic violence. Animals targeted include: Any animal that has experienced animal cruelty, has been abandoned, injured, poisoned, etc. by the perpetrator of domestic violence; and any animal that has resided in a home where violence has been known to occur.