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Licking County Humane Society

825 Thornwood Dr SW
Heath, Ohio 43056
(740) 323-2100
Service Categories: Humane Society/Animal Control
Serving: Licking County

To Report Suspected Animal Cruelty, Neglect or Abuse

Call: Humane Agent: 740-644-0132.


Humane Agent may investigate the following: Animal abuse, beating, or other cruelty, Improper feeding of animals, Inadequate or no freshwater, Inadequate or improper shelter, Improper care, Unsanitary conditions, Animal has been abandoned by owner (different from a stray roaming the streets)

Calls may remain anonymous.

Stray dogs roaming the streets (with or without identification) should be reported to the Licking County Dog Shelter. Contact them at 740-349-6562.

Newark has its own Humane Agent program. Reports of abuse and neglect there should be made to Newark’s Animal Control Officer,  at 740-670-7277.