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Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence

526 Superior Avenue, Suite 1400
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

OAESV has wide-ranging expertise in prevention of sexual violence and providing trauma-informed response with survivors. OAESV staff travel extensively throughout Ohio to meet the needs of rape crisis programs and allied organizations in Ohio. The agency provides a statewide list of resources organized for all 88 counties of Ohio. Please visit the website for local resources, including helpline numbers, treatment centers, rape crisis and sexual assault centers, culturally specific resources, national and statewide resources, emergency services, such as the sherriff's office, and victim assistance programs. The Ohio Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Consortium (OSIP-VP) have worked collaboratively to create a statewide plan entitled "Riding Tandem on the Pathway Way to Prevention, Ohio√ēs Experience Collaboratively Preventing Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence". A calendar of events, workshops, meetings, and trainings are available online. Several task forces, including LGBTQI Task Force, Women of Color Task Force, and Abilities Task Force operate through the agency.