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Wood County Humane Society

801 Van Camp Road
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
Service Categories: Humane Society/Animal Control
Serving: Wood County

To Report Suspected Animal Cruelty, Neglect or Abuse

Call: 419-352-7339, or email:

Leave your name, your phone number, and date calling when leaving a voice mail message

After Hours call: Wood County Sheriff's Office at 419-354-9001


Questions to answer when making a report: Can you describe the incident or incidents of animal cruelty and neglect that you suspect you witnessed, including type, number, and description of animals involved? Look at the body condition of the animals; can you see ribs, or other bony prominences? Is their coat matted, dull in appearance, or missing fur? Is water readily available to the animal(s)? Is there shelter from hot and cold weather? Can you provide a description of the person(s) involved in the incident(s)? What is the date/time of the suspected incident(s) of abuse.