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Victims Rights and Services

Victims Legal Rights and Compensation

Victims’ Rights:

  • Ohio Crime Victim Rights
  • Ohio’s Victim’s Bill of Rights

Victim Advocates:

  • Ohio Victim Witness Association

Legal Aid:

  • Pro Seniors Legal Hotline- Free legal advice for seniors 1-800-488-6070
  • Ohio Legal Services- Low cost legal assistance
  • Disability Rights Ohio- Provides legal assistance to people with disabilities

Victim Support and Services

The Office for Victims of Crime offers information and resources for those in need of support. For additional information on available services in your area, visit OVC’s Directory of Crime Victim Services.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office offers a number of services to assist with victims compensation, patient abuse or neglect, identity theft, consumer fraud and scams. Visit the link above or call 614-466-5610 or 1-800-582-2877.

  • Apply for Victim Compensation – If you or your family members are innocent victims of a violent crime, financial assistance may be available.
  • Receive Notification – The VINElink system is an automated information and notification resource that provides users the ability to search for an offender’s custody status and to register to receive a notification when a change in status occurs.

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Counseling and housing in Later Life

If you or a loved one has been a victim of domestic violence, seek the help of friends, family members or community organizations, and if you believe a crime has been committed, call 9-1-1 for a law enforcement response. Domestic violence programs and advocates can help you find support, develop safety plans, locate shelters and fill out the paperwork necessary to get legal help and protection.

  • Supreme Court of Ohio Elder Abuse publication
  • Administration on Aging Later Life Abuse Prevention resources
  • The National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life

To locate a domestic violence program in your area:

  • Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • ACTION OHIO Coalition for Battered Women – Includes list of Ohio Domestic Violence Shelters and phone numbers
  • Women’s Shelters Ohio – Includes additional resources on domestic violence and elder abuse in Ohio
  • Domestic Violence and Rural Populations – Help for victims facing special challenges in rural Ohio
  • Domestic Violence Facts in Ohio

A victim’s immediate concern after a sexual assault should be his/her health and safety. More and more cities have sexual assault centers that can provide advanced treatment to victims in a more private and much less hectic setting than your local hospital. Find your local sexual assault centers and other resources here. Other Ohio resources include:

  • The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence
  • Ohio Sexual Assault Information: An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection

To find counseling services in your community for mental health or substance abuse issues, follow the links below.

  • To find local Mental Health providers, click here
  • To find local Substance Abuse assistance, click here or call 1-800-788-7254
  • Suicide is a major public health problem that kills 1,200 Ohioans each year with an average of three deaths per day. The most common group to commit suicide is males, ages 36-65. Suicide is preventable. Learn more from the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation. IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS, CALL 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or click here for the suicide prevention hotline in your county.

The Ohio Housing Locator lets you search for housing in Ohio based on zip code, handicap accessibility, housing specifically for seniors, rural or metro locations and more.

  • The Ohio Long-Term Care Consumer Guide provides information about nursing homes and assisted living facilities to help individuals, family members, and professionals search for the appropriate facility to meet an individual’s needs.